Swissvax is a complete framework for vehicle consideration. There are many aspects to it, including cleaning, washing, and caring. 

Initially, these were made on a limited scale, similar to other novel items. A wax model of classical furniture and enamel was used in the art studio and lab of Anwander scientific experts in Zurich, for the main tin of “Antikwachs”. 

Original vehicle wax was developed exclusively for the individual use of granddad and friends organizer Hans Anwander. It was dynamically revised and adapted to client and ecological necessities as well as mechanical changes throughout the long term. 

Currently, the products are still made solely by hand in our wax creation office, and each tin is filled separately. Modern creation does not lend itself well to the complex, high quality car wax grade definitions. 

Paint Rubber, for example, isn’t just another Chinese poly dirt replacement that’s more efficiently manufactured. Swissvax manufactures it in its industrial facility in Zurich. When? As the Chinese manufactured mud does not meet the Swissvax crystal rock brand guidelines. As a result, you have something that feels and works unlike anything else you’ve ever used. Depending on the condition, enough Paint Rubber is provided to do 6-10 vehicles.  This is the best wax on the market.

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PFTE Expressway wax for wheels. Probably the best car wax wheel protection in the world you can get. Not much to it. In addition to being the longest-lasting, it is also the best-looking. A 200ml tub can last you for eternity as well. 50ml tubs are also available. 

Swissvax Concorso is a well-known and highly regarded Concours-wax and grant program. Carnauba wax is composed of 100% unadulterated yellow Brazilian grade one wax which results in an exceptionally profound and extreme sheen on all paintwork structures and leaves experienced Concours enthusiasts staggered with awe. 

This is the best quality car wax.

We recommend you to wax your vehicle like clockwork by using a 200ml wax holder up to 15 times, meaning one wax container provides you with enough wax to take care of your car investment for over two years in a condition that would resemble winning works of art. most expensive car wax in the world. This wax is included in top 5 car waxes.

Using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid before applying Concorso wax will assure that the paintwork surface is free of all old wax deposits, corrosive rain, tar, bugs, etc., and will also guarantee the wax will adhere impeccably to the paintwork surface. Wonderful preparation leads to a Swissvax reviews finish that is world-renowned. This is the best car wax cleaner.


A 70’s Chevy Nova that is altered for the track is also being waxed with this wax. A wax mate utensil fits perfectly in the pot after I machine wash it with CG SS. I applied the wax after applying the CG SS. As soon as you use it on your vehicle, it emits a strong smell, resembling tropical natural products. Examples of Swissvax surfaces. Note the separation of the Nuba pieces as you apply them. This is the high performance car wax.

As consistently, using Swissvax waxes is a joy, the best part of a butt bust! It felt extremely gleaming around the bends, and I left an extremely intelligent conclusion on certain boards. The owner’s goal was to prepare it for a few Chevy shows and nearby social events, so I think the results were incredible. While some show waxes stress me because of a lack of fundamental toughness, I left this vehicle with a sense of astounding confidence.

A cover will be placed over it and it will be stowed on his lift, in his garage! You can’t challenge an entertainer like this, but some are put off by the sticker price. If you’re one of them, I recommend scooping up a 50ml pot and putting resources into it. I would be incredibly surprised if anyone tried it and was not satisfied with the product or results. Remember that this vehicle went through long stretches of prep utilizing CGSS machine cleaning. This is the automobile wax.

I was just at the Swissvax UK HQ for the yearly meeting, which was attended by Georg Weidmann, CEO of Swissvax AG. The company will be releasing a couple of nice new items in mid-2011, and they also have recently partnered with ColorLock in Germany, which will allow them to produce some really cool calfskin reclamation items a year from now. This is the best car wax otherworldly waxes.

I got an interesting point at the meeting; brands who currently use Swissvax at both plant and retail levels. If you go to a Lamborghini display area for paint security items, you’re likely to find Swissvax there. Porsche has Swissvax too. This is the longest-lasting car wax. This is the most expensive car wax.

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