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It is much more difficult to detail the exterior of a car than it is to wash it. The exterior of a car is cleaned by passing it through an automotive detailing car wash. A professional car detailres service always includes both exterior and interior detailing.

What kind of car detailing services are provided by professional auto detailers?

Packages and pricing for services are often arranged in advance by professional vehicle detailers. To keep track of packages, prices, estimates, and invoices, many business owners use a business management app such as Mobile Tech RX. A professional detailer will often include the following services in their packages: 

Auto Detailing

External Car Cleaning

1-Exterior wash and dry

This process involves hand-washing and detailing a car. Detailers use specialized products to wash and clean the car’s body.

2-Paint and Claying

This technique removes any dirt, debris, or overspray that remains after washing the car. Plaster and wax are more effective when applied to a clean, smooth surface.


Polishing removes small layers of clear coat from a car’s paint by buffing an abrasive compound onto it. This reduces shiny spots on the paint and small scratches.

Internal Car Cleaning

1- Vacuuming

To remove debris from the upholstery, carpets, mats, headliner, cargo area, and trunk, vacuuming is performed.

2- Scrubbing and Brushing 

Stains on carpets and mats can be removed this way

3- Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning can effectively remove tough stains from carpets and upholstery

4- Glass Cleaning

Washing windows and windshields. 

5- Leather Trimming 

 All leather parts of the vehicle should be cleaned using leather cleaner and soap. 

6- Perfuming

To leave a car smelling fresh, car detailers spray deodorant in the interior.

Detailing services for additional cars

The above services are not the only ones offered by some professional detailing businesses. These services include:

1-Paint correction

This process involves removing imperfections, such as dull paint or oxidation, from cars’ paintwork. For the best paint correction, detailers usually use rotary machine polishers. 

2-Ceramic coating

This is an exterior coating that is made from a liquid polymer to protect the paintwork of a car. A premium alternative to wax.


PPF stands for paint protection film. A polyurethane film called PPF is designed to protect car paint from rocks chips, minor scratches, UV light, mineral deposits, acid rain, and other damage. Compared with ceramic coating, PPF provides better protection.

Getting Started with a Car Detailing Business For Beginner: What Do I Need to Know?

On paper, starting a car detailing business appears relatively straightforward and there is a low barrier to entry. Developing a business that makes you money is the hardest part. You need to figure out the business strategies you’ll employ to grow your auto detailing car wash business after you’ve learned how to detail car washing. Consider these four strategies:

Study detailing. It is possible to learn detailing by yourself or by taking a class.

When setting your own prices for detailing, what should you consider?

You should also contemplate implementing variable-based pricing in addition to set packages and prices. You’ll quickly notice that customers bring cars of varying cleanliness and condition into your shop after you open your doors. Depending on the condition of the car auto detailing and how long the work will take, you ought to be able to price out your services. 

It helps detailers create perfect estimates and make more money with every job with an estimating tool like Mobile Tech RX. It helps them set up variable-based pricing.

What are the benefits of car detailing?

It’s true that a car wash will remove dirt from a car, but it won’t keep the car in pristine condition as a thorough detailing would. Car detailing services does more than keeping a car clean; it protects the paint and interior as well, so they’re less prone to damage from the elements and from use. Detailing their cars regularly will help them enjoy their vehicles, add value to them, and save money in the long run.

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